‘Lotus’ Scissors


large ornate scissors with presentation box and book




These scissors were inspired by a pair of scissors displayed in the Deutsches KlingenMuseum in Solingen.  The label stated that they were Indian C1700 and they struck me as being very delicate looking considering their size.  My notes say that they appeared to be approximately 12-13” long.

Although the design was very much inspired by these original scissors, in no way were they designed to be replicas.  Very quickly, the forms deviated from the original; smoothing out spirals and adjusting proportions.

The choice of materials was critical.  Bows of scissors are traditionally left soft to allow for adjustment as they get sharpened during their life span.  I wanted a texture on the finished piece so I chose a wrought iron that could be etched.  The inside of the blades is EN42j, a tool steel with a lot of spring to it that can be hardened to make a nice cutting surface.