Iron Lace


Shape – craft
Blade material – O-1
Handle material –
Collection – Iron Lace




This was one of the maddest project that I’ve done. Inspired by the filigree and lace that is carved into many Victorian Exhibition scissors, I decided to actually MAKE the lace in iron wire.
The full process can be seen in David Darom’s stunningly beautiful “WORLD of ART Knives, Vol. IV”.
The blending of contrasts; domestic and industrial, textile and metal, robust and delicate, has been a steady thread of inspiration to me over the years. ‘Iron Lace’ was originally intended to be a technical piece; a vehicle to carry the technical challenge of making iron wire lace. The final design was dictated by the requirements of the delicate lace, the solid steel shanks curving around to protect the more fragile shear wire that they supported. The lace feels like it should be tucked away and hidden discreetly from public view.
The scissors are designed for the light cutting of delicate textiles and I like the way the lace element echoes the intended end use.

Item Information

Dimensions240 mm
BladePlain Carbon
ComponentsShape - craft Blade material - O-1 Handle material - Collection - Iron Lace