V2 Bandage





Numbered edition – #1 of 6

Overall length – 215mm (8 1/2”)

Blade length – 75mm (3”)

These scissors were the result of a loose collaboration between Ernest Wright & Son Sheffield and myself.

On one of my visits to their factory, they offered me some vintage drop-forged blanks to play with.  They are an interesting shape; very much heavier than I would normally work on and with a distinctive ball on the tip of one of the blades.  The finger bows had a clear three-dimensional slant.  Unlike most symmetrical scissors, these needed two expensive dies for each half to be made separately.  They were made as bandage cutting scissors – the ball on the end of the blade was to prevent the tip from digging in as they cut.

This is one of only six pairs of scissors that were made – each one of them different, some more radically than others! I have left the quirky ball on the end because it doesn’t inhibit their use for more common cutting uses and can be used to safely prod workshop elves to work faster.