Silk scissors


Shape – craft
Blade material – sliver steel & wrought iron




This pair of scissors was the first that was made in collaboration with Joshua Burrell. I contacted Josh at the beginning of 2014 to see if he was interested in working with me on hand forged scissors and this was our first attempt at working together; he forged them and I fettled and finished them.
The shears are ground very thin and springy along their length and the edges are sharpened specifically for fine cutting of material such as linings and fine silks.
The main body of the scissors are forged from wrought iron with a forge welded blade of tool steel. They have been etched to show the flow of the forging and a small bud was carved from the iron which was left unetched.

Item Information

Dimensions245 mm
BladePlain Carbon
ComponentsShape - craft Blade material - sliver steel & wrought iron