Shape – jj
Blade material – Grace Damascus
Scales – Glove Leather, gold beads and ray skin



These scales use an assembly technique that combines both riveting and screwing. The knife is assembled and riveted within titanium liners; the scales are built around secondary titanium liners and are screwed on as a final process. This knife was an exercise bobbles and camoflage. I used gold plated screws to hold the scales in place and replaced some of the rayskin bobbles with gold beads.
Rayskin is an amazing material. It is traditionally used for Japanese sword handles and has an amazing texture. Each bobble is extremely hard and wear resistant, making working with it challenging. I set the rayskin down inside an insert that was cut to go around each of the rayskin bobbles and is covered with beautifully soft glove leather.

Item Information

Dimensions140 mm
BladeDamascus Carbon
ComponentsScales - Glove Leather, gold beads and ray skin