Clippoint Knife

Shape – trad
Scales – British grown laburnum
Liners – O-1



This knife is made using traditional Sheffield riveted construction. The non-locking ‘slip-joint’ design is based on an old Sheffield model with a clip point blade shape.
The scales are made from a locally grown Laburnum Anagyroides tree that was felled in Edale in 2007. Laburnum wood is hard and closely grained and takes a fine finish. Often prized for veneer work, laburnum has a striking two colour timber. The outer layer is generally a pale cream but the inner heart wood that was used here, is a dark rich brown.
The knife was made as a retirement present for a staff member of Sheffield Hallam University.
Almost all of the work that I do on my knives is by hand. This gives me a precision that is hard to achieve by machine but it also means a nicer, more meditative quieter working environment.
My main tools are a bench vice and a large assortment of cutlers’, jewellers’ and watchmakers’ tools. Although my designs often look contemporary, a knifemaker from 150 years ago would be very familiar with my working environment.

Item Information

Dimensions160 mm
BladePlain Stainless
ComponentsShape - trad Scales - British grown laburnum Liners - O-1