Left Correction Corset



Cotton coutil.

Cup – DD; UnderBust – 85cm (35.5″); Waist – 66cm (26”); HighHip – 86cm (34″)

Model – #Greythornimages; Photographer – #nicolamyboudoir

For the correction of Sinister Behaviour

[SINISTER: of, or relating to, or situated to the left or on the left side of something] There was a huge surge in innovation during the Victorian period with every possible industry bring out new, better and more specialised objects for every possible niche use. Patent applications boomed and outrageous claims were touted in extravagant advertisements. I love those advertisements, with their pseudo scientific claims and the pompous statements particularly ones that claim to correct aberrant female behaviour under the guise of ‘health’. This corset started as a technical exercise in a cupped corset in coutil, but the wide binding gave it a slightly medical air so it became a tongue in cheek ‘correctional’ corset. I didn’t want to make a corset that corrected or (in keeping with the Victorian advertisements) claimed to correct, an actual medical complaint so I decided to work with another Victorian obsession, left-handedness. The irony is that the corset was made for a righthanded client and wouldn’t even be wearable under garments. The piece was finished with it’s own full page pseudo advertisement.