Shape – craft



Design and make a small knife that can be mass or batch produced. The design should challenge preconceptions regarding the roles and forms we expect the parts of knives to have i.e. handle, cutting edge, protection etc.
The finished design owes much to prehistoric flint knives; I liked the intimacy between the user and the action. The knife is to be held between finger and thumb and used for fine work. When doing craft work there is often a need to cut a thread or open up a seam and this knife replaces the old razor blade I use for doing just that sort of job.
However, I see it primarily as a wearable knife – designed to be on show. The fact that it is at first glance not obviously a knife is particularly important to ensure that the projected messages are not misinterpreted. The wearer knows that there is an edge but the viewer sees circles within circles and there is no perceived threat generated by the preconception of a cutting edge.