Travelling Technician


Shape – craft
Blade material – 15n20 and 1084 Damascus steel
Collection – Sordid Objects of Decadence and Domesticity




Sordid Objects of Decandence and Domesticity Blade Show Award winner – ‘best of the rest’ 2015

135mm Curved Cadaver Needle; 135mm Straight Cadaver Needle; 155mm Scalpel; 2 Specimen Bottles; Notebook and pen

Although I rarely take commissions, sometimes one comes along that I just can’t resist. Last year a mortuary technician asked me to replicate her favourite cavader needle in damascus steel to celebrate her long service award.

After completing the first needle, I wanted to take the idea of pretty medical equipment further so I made these two sets of tools for an imaginary peripatetic mortician. Although there are frequent historical examples of ‘Field Surgery’ kits, I liked the idea of making a set of beautiful autopsy or biopsy tools that a mortuary technican could be proud of and could carry with them.

The case is designed to open out and present the tools for easy use.