Shadow of Opportunity’

Shape – wn
Blade material – RWL34
Scales – enamel with silver



Much of my work develops as like a series of slightly misheard whispers. The title of a picture or a written description of an event will create an image in my head that often is very different to the one that would have developed from a visual input. It becomes a dynamic process of abstraction and change through iteration. A physical event becomes a written or spoken distillation, which is then reinvented as a new object. Very often, when I track back, I am surprised at how far removed from the original source, my creative process has taken me.
NASA published a picture of the surface of Mars taken by the roving robot ‘Opportunity’. The idea of there being a shadow of ‘opportunity’ was more powerful for me than the actual image; the evidence of a presence, a spontaneous happening, without a direct recording.
In the Spring of 2009, I had the opportunity to work with an enameller who has a very different, organic approach to her creative practice and I made this piece with her help. I wanted the spontaneity to be apparent, but also make reference back to deep space and the NASA image that had started this little creative journey.

Item Information

Dimensions171 mm
BladePlain Stainless
ComponentsShape - wn Blade material - RWL34 Scales - enamel with silver