Shape – rescale
Scales – various
Lock – Spyderco Slipit



These knives started from the question that people always seem to ask me, ‘what do you use a knife for?’ My normal answer is to just say ‘everything’ but that’s not very helpful so over three weeks, I kept a record and artefact evidence (all the bits) of everything that I used my knife for.
As 2009 was the year of the workshop, I had to develop new ways of working that meant that I was not dependent on having a workshop space. Modifying a factory made knife (particularly one that is of particular significance to me) seemed appropriate.
EDC is a series of three knives; each knife is a week. Each knife is a Spyderco UKPK that has been modified so that it is possible to see what I have used it for.
I guess they are entirely recycled (as the knives were all second hand) and the handle material certainly was!
Scales – tags, aluminium strip, cable tie, glove leather offcut, packaging mesh, cement bag, elastic cord, plastic sand bag.