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Fruit knife


  • Blade material Steel and silver laminate
  • Scales Mother of Pearl
  • Liners and bolsters Sterling silver
  • Pins silver and stainless steel

The shape for these two knives came from some Sheffield folding knives that I have from around 1790 – 1800. Many fruit knives of this period have decoration on the inside of the spring; a reward for opening the knife and this private filework appealed to me.

It was also popular around this time to finish the end of the spring and blade flush with end of the bolster. Although this sacrifices some rigidity, it looks so neat that I decided to use it here as well.

This knife was the Show Winner (cat 2) at ‘KnivesUK’ 2007.

I started making embroidered boxes for my knives. This one is wool, silk and gold gimp.